Friday, September 5, 2014

Wedding Sonnet

-- for Scott & Denise

Of all the world which we choose to forsake

In cleaving only to each other's flesh, Some few may understand the loss that they Have suffered rightly at our love's expense--
For they may glimpse the treasures that we keep In heart and mind and which we now commit To shore up jointly to our joint increase As we all other such riches forfeit.
But lest the world feel unduly deprived, Let it be known to all who treasure seek That all we have, when joined, is multiplied And is too much for us alone to keep.
What love demands in exclusivity It gives back to the world as joy and peace.


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  2. Danielle. Your words are always so rich and finely hewn and seem to delight in the way they animate the lush and verdant root system of your spirit. I always feel like I have met your mind anew, and been given fresh opportunity to marvel at it, when I read your writing. Thank you for sharing your thought world. It's a wonderland of a place.

    1. That is the most amazing compliment I have ever received on my writing. Thank you, friend! xo